3DHP FTN Info Forum: Michigan Statewide Hydrography Project Update: Lessons learned and to be learned

May 15


Mark Holmes, State of Michigan and Cathy Power, NV5

Description: This presentation will highlight the current status of the State of Michigan Hydrography Improvement Project. The presentation will provide an overview of the evolution of the project including planning phases, data development processes, and data review process for deliverables by watershed. The discussion will also highlight specific examples and lessons learned during the data development processes that needed to be considered based on the Michigan landscape and how adjustments were being made while keeping USGS 3DHP standards in mind. The project has involved educating stakeholders to understand the 3DHP standards and how this new process for hydrography data development is a shift from how data was mapped in the past. The presentation will provide insight into the stakeholder outreach and what is still to be learned along the way as a statewide program.

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