Fugro Webinar: Addressing 911 Challenges: 3D GIS supporting Z-Axis

Save the date for a business partner led webinar with Fugro! November 9th at 2-3pm EST


Fugro will share 3D data options and visualization with a dynamic 3D platform to support the Emergency Call Center (ECC) mission of providing and maintaining effective and efficient operations dedicated to safeguarding public safety and health.

An intuitive and easy-to-learn interface provides ECCs with seamless 3D map-based navigation to locate an address or street and measure distances on horizontal and vertical surfaces, including building facades and rooftops. Additionally, the Collapse Zone tool quickly establishes a perimeter around a distressed structure, while the Safety Zone tool facilitates the setup of hot, warm, and cold zones to denote safety threat levels.


Keith Owens – Commercial Director – Fugro

Mr. Owens’ geospatial career started in 1996 as an aerial systems technician for EarthData. (now Fugro). As Fugro’s Commercial Director, Mr. Owens focuses on new markets, technical advancements, product development, and strategy for the Geospatial sector.