GeoWomen Podcast Discussion: 3 Ways to Engage Your Team

 GeoWomen Podcast Discussion: 3 Ways to Engage Your Team

Thursday  |  January 25  |  1 – 2 pm ET

In this podcast episode, Patrick Lencioni, an author and expert in team management, explores organizational culture by diving into some important questions:

  • Is your company/agency/organization too “hard” or too “soft”? And how does that impact performance and culture?
  • What is the ROI on fostering a healthy culture in your organization?
  • What’s the impact of a “superstar” employee? Is it always positive?
  • What is the motivation for your own leadership? Is leadership a reward or a responsibility?

Give the podcast a listen and come join your NSGIC colleagues for an interactive discussion on this topic. Podcast links can be found in the registration form and in the registration confirmation email.

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Kate Hickey (Sanborn/AppGeo)

This podcast discussion is open to the entire NSGIC community