GIS 101 Webinar

April 26

Join us for the first live GIS 101 webinar where we will be covering two topics: Public Health and Geospatial Communities Collaborate, and Engaging with Legislators.

Public Health and Geospatial Communities Collaborate: Collaborating is imperative to success in our workplaces. Unfortunately, during the pandemic we learned that inconsistent connections between our geospatial communities and public health and public policy hampered our ability to understand and mitigate the effects of the pandemic as well as we wanted. This GIS 101 segment will describe the work done to bridge that gap and explain geospatial practices and resources to better manage any public health crisis.  It is designed for GIS leaders, policy makers, and anyone who collaborates with others to support the public.

Engaging with Legislators: At some stage in the life cycle of State GIS coordination there will come a need to engage with State Legislators. While Governors set goals, propose budgets, and plan policy, the Legislative body holds the purse string and passes state laws. In this episode of GIS 101, we’ll discuss some effective strategies to engage with Legislators. Becoming a more effective advocate requires advanced homework. The topic will include how to sharpen your focus, how to socially engineer access, things to do before a hearing, how to prepare for a hearing, and anticipate questions. This episode is primarily geared for State GIS leaders, however, some of these lessons could be applied at municipal and county government levels as well.

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Contact: Emily Ruetz