June 2024 GIO Academy: The NSDI and Impacts on State GIOs

The GIO Academy working group is pleased to announce the June 2024 GIO Academy: “The NSDI and Impacts on State GIOs”

Date/Time: June 18, 2024 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET (virtual)


Release for public comment of the FGDC’s Draft Strategic Plan for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) is expected in June. NSGIC will be commenting on the plan; it is important that as many states as possible also comment. This Academy’s purpose is two-part. First is providing GIOs or equivalent an understanding of what is the NSDI and some of its ambiguities, the different entities with a stake in the NSDI, and why developing the NSDI is important to states and what is their role. Second is a moderated discussion of the NSDI and the draft Strategic Plan. That discussion will inform NSGIC’s formal comments on the plan, while also building understanding of the NSDI and the Strategic Plan’s importance to states so attendees can be better informed in submitting their own comments.


Register for the June GIO Academy

Participation in this event is limited to GIOs, Deputy GIOs, NSGIC State Representatives and by GIO or State Representative invitation only. Invitations should be communicated to Emily Ruetz for registration.