3DHP FTN Info Forum: Harmonizing 3DHP Hydrography, NWI Wetlands, and CCAP Land Cover Data in Wisconsin | January 17, 2024

Land and water management agencies and organizations across all levels are in urgent need of widely available, up to date, basic GIS layers for watershed analysis and localized decision making, especially for the development of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies and solutions. The One Map project will demonstrate creation of 3DHP hydrography, NWI Wetlands and NOAA hi-res CCAP land cover from the same source lidar and imagery datasets using a “harmonization” process developed by project contractor NV5 Geospatial which improves the representation of landscape features across the three federal datasets. The Project is funded by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program using a NOAA BIL capacity grant, with Brown County Planning and Land Services as the local partner. Data production for three HUC10 watersheds is in progress with delivery later this year by NV5.


  • Jim Giglierano, GIO – Land Information Program, Wisconsin Dept. of Administration
  • Andrew Brenner, PhD, VP Solutions Engineering, NV5 Geospatial

Date: January 17, 2024