NSGIC History


NSGIC was formed in 1991 and held its first meeting in Atlanta, GA. NSGIC was incorporated in 1994 as a 501(c)6, volunteer-run organization. In 2016, NSGIC hired its first Executive Director to take over membership and Geospatial Maturity Assessment responsibilities. Since then, the staff has expanded to 5 full-time positions, conferences and meetings have been held in over 25 different states over 30+ years, and the business partner program has grown to include over 20 companies.

Below is a timeline of significant NSGIC history:


  • Published the GIS in the Courts final project report


  • Expanded the business partner program
  • Increased the number of full-time staff
  • Sunsetted the Geo-Enabled Elections project
  • Started the GIS in the Courts project


  • Held its first virtual conference


  • Graded the GMA for the first time
  • Began cooperative agreements with USGS


  • Received a grant from Democracy Fund Voice to start the Geo-Enabled Elections project


  • Hired its first Executive Director


  • Produced its first Geospatial Maturity Assessment (GMA)


  • First Midyear Meeting held March 11-12 in Chicago described as “a weekend of educational sessions, committee work and a wee bit of socializing”


  • Formally incorporated as a 501(c)6
  • NSGIC/Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) funded survey of state coordination activities
  • NSGIC Print Newsletter began
  • Conference workshops added to the Annual Meeting
  • Committee Workplan Structures Added to the NSGIC organizational structure


  • Establishment of the “NSGIC Idea” where representatives of 39 states met in Atlanta, Georgia on October 27-29 to discuss state geographic information activities and created the National States Geographic Information Council.