Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

“Smarts, teamwork and a desire to make a difference are the substance and glue that make NSGIC work for members and the constituents of state-led geospatial efforts across the country!”

Bert Granberg

NSGIC President 2016-2017

“NSGIC is valuable to Washington because we hear about national level policy trends and changes that may impact what we are doing here in WA. We learn and share with other states about what has worked, not worked, and what we are trying now. It is helpful to understand how other states are organized around GIS. We appreciate the resources that NSGIC provides to members. For example, I found the ‘Value of a GIO’ flier and blog extremely valuable and I sent it along to all members of our Geographic Information Technology committee.”

Joanne Markert

State GIS Coordinator, Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech)

“Being a Federal partner with NSGIC for two decades has enabled NOAA to more effectively meet our mission. NSGIC provides opportunities to understand user requirements, develop joint initiatives, explore innovative ideas, and establish multi-sector partnerships. Through NSGIC’s Coastal Caucus, NOAA receives valuable feedback on our products and services from state representatives, private sector partners, and other federal agencies. NSGIC provides the only national forum in which we are able to connect the coastal zone management community with state geographic Information officers and leaders.”


Nicholas (“Miki”) Schmidt

Division Chief, Science and Geospatial Services, NOAA Office for Coastal Management

“We have found our partnership with NSGIC to be a great long term investment. NSGIC provided us a unique opportunity to meet face to face with lots of decision makers at the state level, as well as to strike alliances with other business partner companies. The bi-annual conference is a unique opportunity to meet people while sharing our work and knowledge of Open Source tools. We have met GIS practitioners and decision makers from dozens of states, as well as influential executives from other NSGIC partner organizations. We have also learned a lot from the webinars and talks provided by member states and business partners. The conference has a great sense of camaraderie and a sense of possibility that’s hard to put into words.”


Pablo Fuentes

Founder and Principal at makepath