National Geospatial Collaborative

NGC's Founding

In May 2023, the NSGIC Board of Directors initiated the formation of the National Geospatial Collaborative (NGC), a newly forming 501(c)(3) organization with the mission to advance the understanding, use, and integration of geographic information systems (GIS) and associated emerging technologies by supporting geospatial professionals, organizations, and initiatives through collaborative research, education, knowledge-sharing, and strategic partnerships. The founding NGC Board of Directors identified by the NSGIC Board included:

  • One (1) state member in good standing, recommended by the Executive Committee
  • One (1) business partner member in good standing, recommended by the Corporate Leadership Committee Co-chairs
  • NSGIC Past-President

Those selected to fill the Founding NGC Board included Tim Johnson, NC GIO, Sheila Steffenson, 1Spatial CEO, and NSGIC Past-President, Jenna Leveille.

After approaching the NSGIC membership in June for an additional member to fill the NGC Board Treasurer role, the NGC Board appointed Mr. Dan Ross.

NGC Board

Jonathan Duran, Board Chair

Jenna Leveille, Vice Chair

Tim Johnson, Director

Sheila Steffenson, Director

Frank Winters, Director

Bill Johnson, Director

Eric Kolb, Director

Susan Miller, Secretary*

Dan Ross, Treasurer*

Lindsey Peña, Chief Operating Officer*

* non-voting

Webinars and Presentations

During the 2023 NSGIC Annual Conference in New Orleans and during the NGC October 31st Webinar, Lindsey Pena and the National Geospatial Collaborative (NGC) Board provided the NSGIC membership with an in-depth view of the inception, mission, and a glimpse into future projects and initiatives of the newly forming 501(c)(3) National Geospatial Collaborative. The presentation and following Q&A opportunity emphasized NGC’s symbiotic relationship with NSGIC and the mutual benefits arising from this collaboration. The recording from the webinar can be accessed in the NSGIC knowledge base or accessed here

Community Engagement

Submit your ideas to the NGC Board for consideration.

NGC believes in the strength of collective creativity. We invite the community to submit your innovative ideas and projects for consideration by the NGC Board. Join us in shaping the future by submitting your ideas today – because the next big idea could be yours!

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Board Nominations

NGC is not accepting Board Nominations at this time.
Nominations will reopen in the fall of 2024. Please check back for updates!

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