Advocacy Committee

The primary purpose of the Advocacy Work Group is to review and recommend national legislative and policy priorities that positively impact geospatial technology, data and governance. Provide guidance and support for state legislative and policy issues.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee develops the programs and content for NSGIC’s two signature in-person meetings — the Annual Conference and Midyear Meeting. Known for shaping agendas that stretch from early breakfast meetings to evening programs and informal collaboration in the late-night hospitality suite, this busy committee provides a significant platform for sharing critical information and experiences among conference attendees and beyond.

Corporate Leadership Committee (CLC)

The CLC acts as a resource for NSGIC by providing members with industry related insights and knowledge.

Elections Committee

The primary purpose of the Elections Committee is to announce call-to-nominations to the general membership prior to the Annual Business Meeting.  In addition, the committee provides a nominating slate to the general membership to elect NSGIC’s governance.

Executive Committee

The primary purpose of the Executive Committee is to facilitate decision making between board meetings, or in urgent and crisis circumstances.  The Executive Committee meets weekly and serves as an advisor to the Executive Director.  The committee serves as the liaison between the Executive Director and the Board of Directors. Any actions taken by the committee will report to the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee

The primary purpose of the Finance Committee is to review monthly financial statements and recommend the proposed budget and investment policy and portfolio.

Member Resources Committee

The mission of the Member Resources Committee is to develop important documents, programs and other resources to enhance member learning, such as best management practices, and also to monitor membership experience, facilitate member-to-member learning, and to support NSGIC leadership in providing the best membership experience for the organization.