Business Partner Spotlight: Planet | How GIOs Can Make Earth Data More Accessible to State Agencies

Planet Insights Platform makes it easier for geospatial offices to efficiently analyze, stream, and distribute Earth observation data to support policy and program goals.

Geospatial offices play a critical role in supporting evidence-based decisions across government. In order to address new state priorities and challenges, policymakers and program managers need visibility and insights across broad areas and multiple time scales. At Planet, we call this “multidimensional” data – and we’re making it easier for more government users to access multidimensional Earth data with our new unified experience, Planet Insights Platform.

Planet Insights Platform Enables Broad Area Management

Earth observation (EO) data, cloud computing, machine learning, and geospatial analysis have made it possible to understand how the Earth is changing on a near-daily basis. The concept of broad area management has emerged as a practice of monitoring, measuring, and reporting on assets, both natural and human-made, over vast areas and across time. Up-to-date information across vast areas can help state agencies do their work more efficiently, reduce risk to communities and natural resources, improve compliance, and allocate resources in informed and equitable ways.

Access Comprehensive Insights and Alerts That Matter – Nearly Every Day

Planet Insights Platform combines our Monitoring, Tasking, Analytics, and Planetary Variables products and enhances them with the recently acquired Sentinel Hub to offer a more unified experience. Geospatial offices can embed the Platform’s functionality into custom applications developed in-house or integrate these tools into existing GIS systems without having to download and reupload imagery.

By making near-daily Earth data visible and actionable, GIOs can bring the benefits of EO data to more users across government, unlocking new “superpowers” that can improve program and policy effectiveness.

  • Look Broader: A single area of interest only reveals part of the story. Agencies often need to quantify changes across an entire county, state or special district, but lack the personnel or budget to capture information on a regular basis. Near-daily imagery of the world’s landmass offers a scalable solution to see larger patterns on a more frequent basis.
  • Look Backwards: Often, program managers and analysts need to go back in time to identify when a specific change or event occurred or when new patterns began to emerge. With a proprietary archive dating back to 2009, public datasets back to 1972, and new imagery added every day, Planet brings historical context almost anywhere across your region.
  • Look Closer: Many agencies need to look closer at individual parcels or areas of interest but don’t have the personnel or budget to conduct regular inspections or fly routine aerial imagery. Task our high-resolution satellites to get closer and see more detail when it’s too expensive, time-consuming or risky to get there.
  • Look Deeper: Governments often need to observe trends over time. We have a number of derived datasets and analytic feeds that are designed as inputs for advanced analysis, as well as deep imagery stacks that are ideal for application development and machine learning-based analytics.

Whether you’re working with data from our constellations, public missions like Landsat and Sentinel, or you’re bringing your own data, it’s all centralized in Planet’s cloud infrastructure. To visualize and analyze that data, the Platform has a suite of tools that allow you to process data, analyze it, and turn that analysis into statistics, all within seconds. And we make it easy to access imagery using industry standard indexing and streaming.

Planet Insights Platform helps geospatial offices monitor, measure, and report changes across broad geographies and timescales. Using AI-powered alerts to identify changes, and analyze changes across multiple time periods, Planet Insights Platform can help strengthen the evidence base required for many important program and policy decisions.

To learn more about broad area management, download our e‑book for State and Local Government, Driving Program and Policy Effectiveness With Planet.