Conceptual Model and the Mainstems logical data model for the 3D Hydrography Program | 3DHP FTN Info Forum

HY_Features is the international standard conceptual data model for surface hydrologic features which will be used as the basis for the 3DHP data model – the planned successor to the NHD. HY_Features concepts have been used for design of the National Weather Service Next Generation National Water Model (known as the Next Generation Water Resources Modeling Framework) and a national river-identifier scheme known as “Mainstems”. HY_Features has not yet been used in a specific data model for hydrographic data. We hope to define a well-documented logical and physical data model for the 3DHP to carry forward key functionalities of NHDPlusHR into the 3DHP. The concepts described by HY_Features are key to understanding how hydrographic data are organized across scales and how we integrate landscape and river information in a cohesive and modular way. It’s important that everyone have some knowledge of this conceptual basis to ensure we are able to communicate across teams in an accurate and productive way.

Presenter: Dave Blodgett, Research Engineer, USGS Water Mission Area

Date: February 15, 2023