2024 Western States Caucus Roundtable | April 25, 2024

Dr. Jill Trepanier from Louisiana State University serves as our keynote speaker. She speaks to her research on extreme weather behavior and using GIS to help understand its impacts to humans and our built environment. In the second hour, we have two speakers share details about their ongoing research efforts. Dr. Jeff Hamerlinck from the University of Wyoming explains their research on climate transitions in three Wyoming watersheds and how to best translate that research to build capacity and resilience among Wyoming’s citizens. Dr. Benjamin Stanley from Arizona State University delves into the Ten Across initiative, which is taking a unique approach to research diverse communities along the I-10 corridor that are at high risk from climate disasters and the production of geographically-based narratives and visualizations to help the public understand sustainability and resilience issues along this transportation network.


  • Jill Trepanier, PhD – Louisiana State University
  • Jeff Hamerlinck, PhD – WyACT
  • Benjamin Stanley, PhD – Ten Across

Date: April 25, 2024